Our Philosophy

In today’s societal norms, it’s more common to have a tattoo than not, and with the changing times and thoughts about tattoos, it’s made it acceptable for even the most clean and tidy to be all inked up! More and more individuals are going under the gun to capture that perfect ‘piece’. At Mad Stone Tattoo, we offer our clients a new age and a new way of doing things, and we stay on the cutting edge of art form acceptable to our clients from Greensboro, North Carolina to the Virginia and South Carolina borders. After years of working for other people, managing their shops, artists shop affairs and/or just being one of the tattoo artists in the next chair, Mad Stone Tattoo was birthed with an artistry and piercing crew with a combined 25 plus years of experience. Venturing out into the landscape of this poplar artistry, our exclusive goal is to accommodate client with genuine timeless art.
Mad Stone Tattoo has a relentless dedication and drive to be the absolute best. We’re not your traditional tattoo artistry studio. We’re not here because we wanted to create just another tattoo shop, and we are certainly not here because we thought we were the best. Instead, we are here to offer an experience in tattoo artistry that defines the limitless boundaries of ink. We wanted to offer our clients an environment and style of art that enhances, brightens and fuses the highest quality of art beyond the realm of the skin—offering custom, fine art designs with a unique ambiance of beauty.



When we started out, we had a different idea than your typical ‘tattoo shop”, and we wanted a traditional feel. Other tattoo studios were moving to the private room setting, and we just felt that the true tattooing experience was a more shared experience. It is bringing your friends and or family along with you. Our studio is out in the open where you can laugh, talk and share the experience with your loved ones and the artists themselves. We offer private, closed room settings for those who want them, but we want our clients to experience our artist’s style in a fun, relaxed and comfortable setting— not with an artistic who is less than friendly.


Each of our artists are different with different style and personality. There is someone for everyone! Both owners, Kevin and Penny want their clients to really enjoy the art that Mad Stone Tattoo stands behind. “Our artists give their heart and soul to their talent.” At mad Stone Tattoo, we take charge of our gifting’s and place value and standard to our tattooing. The owners care about their artist. It’s not a paycheck. “We are a team, and we work together to make every decision to be strong in the tattoo industry. “
Mad Stone Tattoo offers you quality, custom tattoo and piercings. We invite you to email us, contact us on Facebook, check us out at https://goo.gl/MbSTFV, submit a request form on our website, or call us for an appointment!